All the unused sub-routines should have been left on your computer and only those needed downloaded into the chip. It will work on 6v if the regulator is removed and a diode is placed between the «in» and «out» pads or on 7v to 15v DC with the regulator fitted to the board. The 5 In-Circuit Programming pins allow you to program the chip while it is in-circuit. All these feature have been added to the program, one at a time, and it is important to add them in the correct order. When you write a program in assembly, you are aware of the timing for each of the routines and understand what each line is doing.

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Release SwA and press the switches in any order up to 15 steps. But you have to learn the «higher level language» in order to create a program. App does not use or transmit user data. Other clever instructions transfer the contents of a file to another via the «carry. It depends on how much you want to be in charge of writing a program.

The biggest problem with any program is interfacing a switch. The middle LED will flash to indicate tenths of a second.

Turn the project Fz and increment the sequences. To provide a totally reliable debounce, the key is detected as not being pushed for the duration of a whole cycle of a sequence and a separate loop is then executed where the key can be detected as being pushed, to advance the program to the next sequence.

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But now the full capability of an 8-pin micro can be realised and its 1, lines of code can be used to produce very impressive projects. When a pin is LOW it can sink about 25mA. When you need this code it is copied and pasted in its entirety, to prevent a mistake.


It gives your phone a riveting look, needs no launcher, uses very little battery and works on all phones! If you think you can start programming without reading programs from other developers, you are wasting your time. They vary due to the complexities of the command and the type of arguments you supply. But if you want to learn PIC programming, it does not assist you. The opposition uses a higher level language where one instruction can carry out an operation similar to a sub-routine.

Just be aware that the two are not interchangeable. It also accepts 2 or 3 LEDs illuminated at the same time. Picture Plus — Text on Photo. Release the button and allow the sequence to cycle. As soon as SwA is released, the program starts to time the duration when a switch is not pressed and it «times-out» after 2.

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These can be changed, but to keep things simple, it is best to keep to projects having-up to this requirement. The other disadvantage of the opposition is the «overhead. To remove this feature, press SwC when the project is off and at the same time, turn the project ON. You can then put the chip into the other project to be cx and modified and re-fit it into this project for execution.


This sends the micro to a sub-routine called Attract. Always use very fine solder as supplied in the kit as you only need very little for each component and the main reason for adding extra is to take advantage of the flux to clean the connection.

Always solder the SM resistors with the value showing. fxx

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It will get a new group of beginners into the world of microcontrollers at very low cost and show how to produce a program to do almost anything you want.

The 5 programming pins are called «machine pins» and are soldered directly to the top of each land by adding a little solder to the land and the hollow end of the pin. The other helpful tip is to produce a marker so you know what the micro is doing. If you want one of the pre-programmed sequences to appear each time the project is turned on, simply advance through the sequences by pressing SwA pi when the desired sequence is playing, push SwB. Go to P2 for: This is live wallpaper not an APP.

To do this you add a small routine to flash a LED or output a tone to a piezo.